Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shocking: marauding separatists show off the loot from victims of MH17

The horrific downing of MH17 sent shock waves all over the world. Devastated families and worldwide communities were stunned by such a massive, senseless loss of innocents. This grief, however, was not universal.

Separatists, whose voices can be heard laughing and happily exclaiming that the shot down plane was burning up “so beautifully,” shamelessly looted the crash site. Some were so devoid of decency, as to boast about stolen items in social media postings. Such is the case of the now infamous “mascara girl,” Ekaterina Parhomenko of Torez, Ukraine.

The world is still reeling from the devastating loss of nearly 300 lives aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, bristling at the inhumane way with which the bodies of the deceased have been handled. Terrorists and separatists, controlling access to the site, continue to exhibit utter lack of decency that shocks the conscience.

“Terrorist death hunters” have been collecting victims’ cash, credit cards, cell phones and jewelry. Relatives of the victims, desperately trying to reach their loved ones, were shocked when strangers with Eastern European accents answered their phones. Credit cards of the victims had to be canceled, when terrorist looters started using them. Jan Tuinder, a forensics expert leading the Dutch investigation, said what was happening at the scene was ‘criminal.’ Russian government and media officials continue to obfuscate, misrepresent and invent the facts surrounding the downing of the civilian airliner.

Ekaterina Parhomenko of Torez, Ukraine, who describes herself as a separatist, proudly showed off her trophy from the site of the MH17 crash. Malaysian airliner was shot down over the city of Torez. Parhomenko posted a photo of her new mascara on Instagram, commenting: “Mascara from Amsterdam – or, more precisely, from the field. You know what I mean.” Facing scrutiny from furious commenters, Parhomenko hurriedly deleted her social media accounts (VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram and others).

Putin’s pawns blow his cover

Putin’s house of cards continues to fall apart, one Joker at a time. The West assumes that the game of strip poker will eventually shame Russia into curtailing its activities, failing to realize that Emperor Putin is a nudist. Like any good Chekist, he is largely devoid of shame or conscience. Russia cannot be understood according to the Western system of values, for it does not seek to be liked, trusted or respected. Putin’s Russia wants only to be feared.

The West is likewise incorrect in assuming that the majority of Russians are zombified into supporting aggression against Ukraine. Many of them fully realize that Russian mainstream media is broadcasting blatant lies. They’re willing to reiterate and disseminate deliberately false statements in a misguided belief that in doing so, they’re helping Mother Russia to counter Western propaganda.

The Red Cross has made a confidential legal assessment that Ukraine is officially in a war. This determination opens the door to possible war crimes prosecutions, including the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH-17. The West must realize that this is an unconventional war, against the opponent who does not play by the rules of the civilized world.

Russia’s President shamelessly asserted that there are no members of the Russian military operating in East Ukraine in any capacity. He made similar claims about Russia’s Anschluss of Crimea and later simply admitted that the opposite was true. In the same way, it’s indisputable that Russian citizens, current and former members of the RF military and the FSB, are leading the artificial “rebellion” in Eastern Ukraine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Russia’s top 10 lies about downed Malaysia airliner

The tragic downing of a Malaysian passenger plane sent Putin’s elaborate propaganda machine into overdrive, ultimately causing it to unravel. The evidence points overwhelmingly at the terrorists, whose leaders are Russian citizens, current and former members of the Russian armed forces and FSB.

In the past, their presence on the frontlines alongside the terrorists in Ukraine provided valuable advantage to the Russian media outlets. They were typically the first on the scene, filming the footage that would be shown on Russian television in short order. This powerful sword of immediate access to live events finally cut the other way on July 17, 2014. Russian media and the terrorists themselves were caught red-handed in making numerous misrepresentations and outright fabrications, intended to override their own previous admissions.

Here is a collection of the most outrageous lies with respect to the shooting down of the Malaysia airliner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Russia’s madman ideologue Dugin scripted fake baby crucifixion in Ukraine

Just when it seemed that Russia’s mainstream media couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, propagandists have outdone themselves yet again. On July 12, 2014 Russia’s Channel One ran a horrific story of an alleged baby crucifixion in Ukraine.

The only “witness” to the alleged mind-numbing public execution is Galyna Pyshniak, who was interviewed in Russia. Her breathless story included the following claims: “Center of the city. Lenin square. Our Gorispolkom is the only square where you could herd all the people. They gathered women, because there are no more men. Women, girls, old people. It was called a show execution. They took a child, 3 years old, a little boy. He was wearing little briefs and a T-shirt and they nailed him, like Jesus, to the bulletin board. One of them was nailing him, while two others held him in place. They were holding the mother. Mother watched her child bleeding. There were screams. Shrieking. They also cut the child’s body, so he would suffer more. It was impossible to watch. People were fainting. Later, after an hour and a half the child suffered and died, they took the mother, tied her unconscious body to the tank and dragged her three circles around the square. The diameter of the square is one kilometer.”

There are multiple problems with this “story.” First and foremost, out of the entire town of Slavyansk, there is not a single witness who could corroborate this outlandish horror story, which was seemingly “inspired” by the 4th season of the Game of Thrones, which dealt with public crucifixion of 163 children.

Russia’s top 80 lies about Ukraine

Russia’s aggressive disinformation campaign about recent events in Ukraine reached epic proportions. For example, Alexander Skryabin (who died of cancer in 2011) was revived by the Russian mainstream media to commit not one, but two sets of separate terrorist acts in Ukraine. Even after this fabrication was exposed, only Russia Today removed the article and published a retraction.

It should be noted that Russia’s information war is waged not only through its mainstream media. Years ago, Kremlin recognized the power of social media and decided to exploit it. Government-funded campaigns include expatriate Russian bloggers in Germany, India, and Thailand. American conservative bloggers were also paid to write pro-Yanukovych stories, denouncing the Ukrainian revolution and spreading falsehoods about “fascists and Nazis” allegedly controlling the new government of Ukraine.

Elaborate troll farms employ hundreds of paid trolls, hired to spread deceptive imagery and deliberately false information. They are also tasked with attacking activists, flooding comment sections of news articles to promote Kremlin’s worldview and praise Russia’s political leadership. Russia’s mainstream media reporting often uses social media postings as its primary sources.

Since Russia’s information war against Ukraine is multifaceted, it’s important to recognize and address all of its manifestations, including not only the mainstream media, but also bloggers and trolls. Together, they work to infect public opinion, spreading hatred and war-mongering.

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Here is a collection of 20 additional fabrications and intentional misrepresentations:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Russia’s media caught red-handed in another fabrication about Ukraine

Russia’s propaganda war stooped to unimaginable lows with respect to its coverage of the events in Ukraine. Russian media used images and videos from Syria, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Bosnia, India, China and Australia to illustrate alleged atrocities of the Ukrainian government. It claimed that Ukraine no longer exists as a country (including statements to this effect by the head of Russia Today (RT) Margarita Simonyan), labeling its territory as mystical “Novorussia.” It declared Ukrainian people to be the “occupants” on their own land and actively recruited mercenaries to fight against the military of Ukraine.

Russian mainstream media shamelessly claimed that Ukrainian military “harvests organs” from living people, that Ukrainian government is building “concentration camps” and imprisoning all healthy males on the territories that have been recently freed from Russia-sponsored terrorist/separatist forces.

This information is also being actively disseminated by Russia’s leading propagandists (such as Alexander Dugin, who deliberately used unrelated images of dead children to corroborate his hysterical calls for all able-bodied Russians to travel across the border and wage war against Ukraine’s military, government and people).

To those who have been following the exposure of the Russian media’s lies about the situation in Ukraine, it should come as no surprise that the stream of lies is neither stopping, nor becoming any more sophisticated.

On July 7, 2014, Russian mainstream media exploded with a stream of articles about Alexander Skryabin, an alleged “hero of Novorussia,” who reportedly threw himself under a Ukrainian tank, armed with a “bundle of grenades.” No one seemed to be perturbed by the fact that Alexander Skryabin died of lung cancer on September 27, 2011.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Russia’s top 60 lies about Ukraine

Russia’s aggressive information war, waged through its vast propaganda machine, continues to produce disinformation to justify its involvement in Ukraine. Deliberately false information and deceptive imagery is being disseminated in every available venue: from leading politicians and Russia’s infamous mainstream media, down to bloggers, useful idiots and hordes of paid trolls, who plague comment sections of articles about Ukraine, spreading vitriol, hatred and blatant lies.