Russia’s madman ideologue Dugin scripted fake baby crucifixion in Ukraine

Just when it seemed that Russia’s mainstream media couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, propagandists have outdone themselves yet again. On July 12, 2014 Russia’s Channel One ran a horrific story of an alleged baby crucifixion in Ukraine.

The only “witness” to the alleged mind-numbing public execution is Galyna Pyshniak, who was interviewed in Russia. Her breathless story included the following claims: “Center of the city. Lenin square. Our Gorispolkom is the only square where you could herd all the people. They gathered women, because there are no more men. Women, girls, old people. It was called a show execution. They took a child, 3 years old, a little boy. He was wearing little briefs and a T-shirt and they nailed him, like Jesus, to the bulletin board. One of them was nailing him, while two others held him in place. They were holding the mother. Mother watched her child bleeding. There were screams. Shrieking. They also cut the child’s body, so he would suffer more. It was impossible to watch. People were fainting. Later, after an hour and a half the child suffered and died, they took the mother, tied her unconscious body to the tank and dragged her three circles around the square. The diameter of the square is one kilometer.”

There are multiple problems with this “story.” First and foremost, out of the entire town of Slavyansk, there is not a single witness who could corroborate this outlandish horror story, which was seemingly “inspired” by the 4th season of the Game of Thrones, which dealt with public crucifixion of 163 children.

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