Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scott Bloch wants Julia Davis to stop writing about him

Disgraced former head of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Scott Bloch threatens to sue, unless my articles about him are removed from the Internet. Click on the link to read the article here:

Friday, March 8, 2013

DHS implements sequester cuts, treats national security as a low priority

The Department of Homeland Security started to implement $4 billion in cuts, engineered by the White House under the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA), also known as sequester.

Sequester regulations require every federal agency to cut the same percentage from each program, but heads of federal agencies (such as the DHS) have the ability to "reprogram" funds in order to reduce spending only on lower priority items. Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn said that this “provides a unique opportunity for each federal department to reduce spending in each program on those expenditures that are less essential.”

Instead of reducing its unbridled bureaucratic spending, the DHS threatened citizens with longer lines at the airports and reduced staffing on the southern border. The DHS spokesperson stated that sequester “would roll back border security, increase wait times at our nation’s land ports of entry and airports, affect aviation and maritime safety and security, leave critical infrastructure more vulnerable to attacks, hamper disaster response time and our surge force capabilities and significantly delay cyber security infrastructure protections. In addition, sequestration would necessitate furloughs of up to 14 days for a significant portion of our frontline law enforcement personnel, and could potentially result in reductions in capabilities across the department.”
In his February 21, 2013 letter to Janet Napolitano, Senator Coburn said that according to OMB projections, at the end of fiscal year 2013, DHS "would carry forward more than $9 billion in unobligated balances,” which “has not yet been spent, nor even assigned to a specific project, raising the question of why we would not start by reclaiming these funds.” Senator Coburn rightly demanded that Napolitano “provide an explanation for what these funds are for and whether the agency has considered them for sequestration.”
After spending over $35 billion dollars in eight years, on October 7, 2011 the DHS finally unveiled its criteria for “First National Preparedness Goal.” Senator Coburn’s report rightly noted that “DHS’s delay in issuing preparedness goals for almost a decade… contributed to misdirected UASI spending, including significant expenditures on projects not related to preventing and responding to terrorist attacks.”

Here are some examples of how the said anti-terrorism funds were spent by city officials, with approval of the DHS:
  • Officials in Michigan purchased 13 sno-cone machines
  • Liberty County spent anti-terrorism funds to buy a hog catcher
  • One notable event that was deemed an allowable expense by DHS was the HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit 2012. This 5-day summit was held at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, on an island outside San Diego. First responders were allowed to use grant funds to pay the $1,000 entrance fee. The marquee event was its highly-promoted “zombie apocalypse” demonstration, designed to simulate a real-life terrorism event. It featured 40 actors dressed as zombies, all of whom were gunned down by a military tactical unit. Those zombies were meant to represent average American citizens. Officials explained that “the idea is to challenge authorities as they respond to extreme medical situations where people become crazed and violent, creating widespread fear and disorder.”
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Grow long hair on any budget (
Grow long hair on any budget (
Once upon a time, the writer of this article had a hard time trying to grow out her hair. It was healthy, religiously conditioned and shiny. Still, those stubborn locks refused to grow past my shoulder blades. Having tried everything, at some point I’d had enough. I arrived for my appointment with Phil (the most brilliant hair stylist I’ve ever known), sat down in his chair and bravely said, “Let’s cut it all off.” Everyone in the posh salon seemed to gasp and look our way, but he didn’t even blink. Phil knew that once my mind is made up, there would be no turning back. For many years we’ve bravely experimented with many different cuts, colors and styles. “Halle Berry?” he asked. I smiled and nodded.

My new pixie haircut was uber fun. It allowed me to wash, dry and style my hair in a matter of minutes. For many months thereafter, I’ve kept up my short and spunky hairstyle. As more time went by, I started to miss longer hair. However, I didn’t miss the quest of trying to get it to grow faster and longer. During my routine doctor’s visit, I casually complained about my hair refusing to grow past a certain point. His response changed my hair forever. I will now pass this advice onto my readers, combined with my own tips, developed through years of trial and error.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Put Some Spring In Your Makeup Bag

Julia Davis, Los Angeles Beauty Examiner, author of
Put some spring in your makeup bag
There is a lot we can do to spruce up our tired winter looks for springtime, but don’t forget that your makeup bag also needs a thorough spring cleaning.

First, empty out the contents of your beauty tote onto a clean paper towel. Thoroughly examine your bag and decide whether it’s time to replace it or not. If so, you might want to consider visiting your local department store whenever your favorite makeup brand is having a “gift with purchase” promotion. This way, you could buy the items you were already inclined to repurchase, while also receiving a brand new makeup bag full of fun goodies. Sample-size products are not only a great way to try new things, but are also just the right size for women on the go.

If your bag is in good shape, clean it up with a disinfectant wipe – inside and out. If you don’t have a wipe handy, just spray some Lysol onto a paper towel and it will work the same way.

Now that your bag is clean, let it fully dry before you fill it back up.

Take a good look at your makeup. To keep or not to keep, that is the question… Here’s some advice to help you decide.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge and Fred Malek: the ties that bind

Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge doesn’t want us to talk about the DHS releasing thousands of illegal immigrants from federal custody. More than 2,000 illegal aliens facing deportation had already been released and the DHS is planning to release 3,000 more detainees by the end of March, 2013. Ridge, however, thinks that it’s too much of a distraction for the American people and should not be discussed. “Story ends right there,” abruptly said Ridge. “Ditto,” chimed in Janet Napolitano. To the contrary, there is much more to the story.

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