Thursday, July 10, 2014

Russia’s media caught red-handed in another fabrication about Ukraine

Russia’s propaganda war stooped to unimaginable lows with respect to its coverage of the events in Ukraine. Russian media used images and videos from Syria, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Bosnia, India, China and Australia to illustrate alleged atrocities of the Ukrainian government. It claimed that Ukraine no longer exists as a country (including statements to this effect by the head of Russia Today (RT) Margarita Simonyan), labeling its territory as mystical “Novorussia.” It declared Ukrainian people to be the “occupants” on their own land and actively recruited mercenaries to fight against the military of Ukraine.

Russian mainstream media shamelessly claimed that Ukrainian military “harvests organs” from living people, that Ukrainian government is building “concentration camps” and imprisoning all healthy males on the territories that have been recently freed from Russia-sponsored terrorist/separatist forces.

This information is also being actively disseminated by Russia’s leading propagandists (such as Alexander Dugin, who deliberately used unrelated images of dead children to corroborate his hysterical calls for all able-bodied Russians to travel across the border and wage war against Ukraine’s military, government and people).

To those who have been following the exposure of the Russian media’s lies about the situation in Ukraine, it should come as no surprise that the stream of lies is neither stopping, nor becoming any more sophisticated.

On July 7, 2014, Russian mainstream media exploded with a stream of articles about Alexander Skryabin, an alleged “hero of Novorussia,” who reportedly threw himself under a Ukrainian tank, armed with a “bundle of grenades.” No one seemed to be perturbed by the fact that Alexander Skryabin died of lung cancer on September 27, 2011.