Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shocking: marauding separatists show off the loot from victims of MH17

The horrific downing of MH17 sent shock waves all over the world. Devastated families and worldwide communities were stunned by such a massive, senseless loss of innocents. This grief, however, was not universal.

Separatists, whose voices can be heard laughing and happily exclaiming that the shot down plane was burning up “so beautifully,” shamelessly looted the crash site. Some were so devoid of decency, as to boast about stolen items in social media postings. Such is the case of the now infamous “mascara girl,” Ekaterina Parhomenko of Torez, Ukraine.

The world is still reeling from the devastating loss of nearly 300 lives aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, bristling at the inhumane way with which the bodies of the deceased have been handled. Terrorists and separatists, controlling access to the site, continue to exhibit utter lack of decency that shocks the conscience.

“Terrorist death hunters” have been collecting victims’ cash, credit cards, cell phones and jewelry. Relatives of the victims, desperately trying to reach their loved ones, were shocked when strangers with Eastern European accents answered their phones. Credit cards of the victims had to be canceled, when terrorist looters started using them. Jan Tuinder, a forensics expert leading the Dutch investigation, said what was happening at the scene was ‘criminal.’ Russian government and media officials continue to obfuscate, misrepresent and invent the facts surrounding the downing of the civilian airliner.

Ekaterina Parhomenko of Torez, Ukraine, who describes herself as a separatist, proudly showed off her trophy from the site of the MH17 crash. Malaysian airliner was shot down over the city of Torez. Parhomenko posted a photo of her new mascara on Instagram, commenting: “Mascara from Amsterdam – or, more precisely, from the field. You know what I mean.” Facing scrutiny from furious commenters, Parhomenko hurriedly deleted her social media accounts (VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram and others).