About Julia Davis

Julia Davis is a National Security/Foreign Policy Reporter, Russian media monitor and the creator of RussiaLies.com, where she debunks Russian propaganda and fake news.

Julia Davis appeared on primetime networks and TV shows, including "The Doctors", "Access Hollywood", "Good Morning America", "Inside Edition", "Entertainment Tonight", "CNN", "HLN", "Nancy Grace", "Fox News - Follow the Money", "Breaking The Set" with Abby Martin, "Full Disclosure Network", "WHDT 9 World News", "BBC/Discovery Channel "How To Build A Planet", "Wake Up Australia", "KTLA - Ch 5", "KCLA - Ch 9 and others.

Julia's investigative reports and articles are cited by The Hollywood Reporter, People, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, New York Daily News, The Wrap, Entertainment Weekly, US Magazine, E!Online, Radar Online, Yahoo Movies, Inside Edition, MTV, VH1, Huffington Post, MSN, Mirror, The Inquisitr, Miami Herald, The Guardian, International Business Times, Metro (UK), Wall Street Journal, Dallas News, San Diego Reader.

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