V for Vicodin: married San Diego Police officers plead guilty to drug offenses

Jennifer Charpentier and Bryce Charpentier, former SDPD officers

On November 19, 2014, two married San Diego Police officers have pleaded guilty to numerous criminal charges, which included burglarizing homes while on duty and running a hydrocodone distribution network. Bryce Charpentier, 32, and Jennifer Charpentier, 41, admitted to selling and furnishing a narcotic substance, possession of a firearm by an addict, conspiracy to commit a burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime: possession and sale of a controlled substance.

Both of them were fired from the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) as of the date of their guilty plea. Bryce, a six-year veteran of the SDPD, and Jennifer, an 18-year veteran, were arrested in June 2014, during a San Diego County Sheriff’s Department narcotics investigation. The pair went to see twelve different doctors, obtaining prescriptions for hydrocodone and re-selling medications online. According to the government’s filings, Jennifer obtained 71 prescriptions for numerous drugs and then traveled to 17 pharmacies to fill them. Bryce traveled as far as Oakhurst near Yosemite to fill 79 prescriptions from six different doctors at different pharmacies. Investigators say that in text messages to each other, the married couple referred to Vicodin as “V.”

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