Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mickey Rourke wins a staged boxing match in Russia

On November 28, 2014, 62-year-old Mickey Rourke fought an exhibition match against 29-year-old Elliott Seymour in Moscow. It’s difficult to fathom what motivated the aging actor to participate in such a “match” against a decades-younger opponent. Rourke ended his original boxing career at the age of 21.

Mickey Rourke entered the auditorium a-la Burt Reynolds in “Striptease,” wearing a cowboy hat, a fringed red robe, gold-colored boxing gloves and a set of cowboy-shaped booties. Rourke wearily pranced about the stage, half-heartedly throwing a few air punches to impress the receptive Moscow audience. He bounced against the ropes and winked to the camera. Seymour, for his part, looked resigned to his pre-determined fate and did his best to keep a straight face.