Ukraine: separating facts from fiction

Western governments dread the thought of their populations catching on to the idea that corrupt, inefficient, totalitarian rulers can be removed from power by the very public that elected them. Aided by the mainstream media, they willfully obfuscate the facts behind the Ukrainian revolution. As long as naïve citizenry believes that Ukrainians are dying to get into the E.U., perhaps they will overlook the fact that their own democratic nations ruthlessly suppress protests and criminalize whistleblowing. Perhaps they won’t notice that the American judiciary is in a desperate need of a reform, to stop its endless puppeteering by the political powers-that-be.

New York Times nervously exclaimed, “No matter how incompetent, discredited or unhealthy he may be, Mr. Yanukovych is the democratically elected president, and to oust him by street protests and without a coherent plan or united leadership would be a recipe for further turmoil and a dangerous precedent.” To avoid a dangerous precedent of a proactive public daring to take back their rights, American news coverage is concentrating on the many follies of Justin Bieber, instead of truthfully portraying current events that are shaping world history.

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