Friday, March 3, 2017


Every objective Russia-watcher knows that Russia lies – frequently, shamelessly, with abandon. Previous collections of debunked Russian fakes have documented numerous examples of willful, methodic manipulation of public opinion across the globe in a way that suits the Kremlin’s geopolitical agenda. Recent U.S. elections have demonstrated that many Americans are not yet familiar with the extent of Russian propaganda, or the lengths to which Putin’s mouthpieces will go to achieve their nefarious goals. At the same time, Russian media is very fond of propaganda tactics known as “whataboutism” and “gaslighting,” constantly blaming opponents for engaging in the very acts Russia is accused of.
Thus, the Kremlin eagerly hopped aboard the #fakenews train – disingenuously accusing Western media of disseminating untrue news stories. The “fake” stamp used by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs for its compilation is curiously similar to the image used by, but the similarity ends there.