Monday, May 4, 2015

Oakville concert of controversial pianist Valentina Lisitsa is canceled by event organizer Les Holdway on May 2, 2015

After a midlife crisis, controversial pianist Valentina Lisitsa revived her stalled career by uploading videos of her piano performances to YouTube. Self-promotion on social media worked wonders for Lisitsa. Several years later, the 46-year old pianist’s use of the Internet reversed her progress and severely undermined her career. 

Valentina Lisitsa utilized her popularity as a podium to exhibit ethnic hatred, racism and support for terrorist activities. She liberally peppers her Twitter tirades with obscenities and vulgarity. A sour note permeating Lisitsa’s rants is her overwhelming hatred towards all things Ukrainian. While the pianist was born in Ukraine, she makes a point to identify herself as a “blonde Russian,” promising to never speak Ukrainian language as long as she lives.