Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fatal attraction: woman tries to break into the house, gets stuck in the chimney

On October 19, 2014, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa tried to break into a Thousand Oaks, California home, by sneaking in through the chimney. Much to the woman's surprise, she got stuck. The Woodside Drive residents called the police during early morning hours, reporting that a female was heard crying nearby.

Ventura County emergency responders were able to locate Nunez-Figueroa, firmly lodged inside the chimney. In order to free her, authorities had to carefully dismantle the fireplace.

The homeowner called it a case of "fatal attraction," having met Nunez-Figueroa online. The two briefly dated, the woman reportedly had become obsessed. After the break-up, she was caught prowling on his roof.