Monday, August 11, 2014

Russia’s top 100 lies about Ukraine

Russia’s propaganda machine shows no signs of slowing down. To the contrary, it seems to have reached a new hysterical level of blatant disinformation, since Russian and pro-Russian terrorists in Ukraine are rapidly losing ground.

To attract reluctant “volunteers” into the trap of a misguided war machine, Russia wages twisted information war through its mainstream media, useful fools in the West and a legion of paid trolls. Russian disinformation locomotive twists the facts and invents entirely false stories, accompanied by deceptive imagery. When exposed, it attacks the debunkers, questioning their motives.

Russia’s mainstream media doesn’t operate according to the journalistic standards of the civilized world. It often uses social media as their sole sources for breaking news stories. Most of the time, Russian publications fail to retract falsified or entirely made up stories, even after they have been thoroughly debunked. Kremlin trolls operate the same way, intentionally spreading falsehoods to infect public opinion, propagate war-mongering and hatred. It’s important to recognize the information war in all of its ugly manifestations.

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