Monday, March 31, 2014

ICE, ICE, baby – immigration dance continues

It’s not a big surprise that releasing illegal aliens who have already been involved in crime (such as rape of a child) usually leads to more crime and more victims. A report commissioned by the House Judiciary committee in 2012 found that 26,000 illegal aliens who were released, instead of being removed, went on to commit another 58,000 crimes soon after release. These additional crimes included 59 murders, 21 attempted murders, more than 4,000 major felonies and other 1,000 other violent crimes.

While the U.S. is rightly concerned about the sovereignty of Ukraine’s borders – what of our own? Instead of increasing surveillance activities against law-abiding American citizens and labeling dissidents and whistleblowers as “terrorists”, the DHS would do well to protect the country from real threats within our own borders.