Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Documentary Explores Brittany Murphy’s Untimely Death

On November 10, 2011 Brittany Murphy would have celebrated her 34th birthday. Instead, this day marks yet another painful reminder of her sudden death. Britt stole our hearts in “Clueless”, broke our hearts in “Girl, Interrupted”, stunned us with her talent for drama in “Don’t Say a Word”, entertained and dazzled us in “Just Married”, “King of the Hill” and “Happy Feet”. Britt’s life sparkled with endless potential. Her shocking death continues to be darkened by lingering questions.

This year brings a promise of unraveling the mystery of Brittany’s untimely demise. Fleur De Lis Film Studios recently announced an upcoming book, “Britt” that is being co-written by Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti and Julia Davis. The book will shed the light on his daughter’s childhood, her meteoric rise to fame and tragic circumstances leading up to her death. Bertolotti and Davis also appear in the recently completed documentary film, “The Terror Within” that illuminates disturbing details of Brittany’s last days.

A team of individuals involved in the project are determined to continue pursuing every lead in Brittany’s story, leaving no stone unturned. “Brittany never hesitated to help others and stand up for what’s right. We will make sure that her memory isn’t tainted by false accusations any longer. Brittany was needlessly terrorized and slandered in life, but even in death her voice won’t be silenced. We won’t allow that to happen,” said Julia Davis.

People may think they know what happened to my daughter, but they will be shocked to learn what really happened to Britt,” added Angelo Bertolotti. “The official version of the events is much different from the facts that remained in the dark – until now,” he asserts.

One of the little-known facts about Brittany Murphy is her participation as a witness in Julia Davis’ litigation against the Department of Homeland Security. After Brittany bravely provided a written statement in support of Julia Davis, she was targeted by the DHS/ICE. This included helicopter surveillance, wiretaps, an arrest in the middle of the night and an unsuccessful attempt to deport Brittany’s fiancĂ©e Simon Monjack, whom she later married. 

Curiously, Brittany and Simon became subjects of a DEA investigation, an agency that was previously headed by Robert Bonner. As a former Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, Bonner was personally involved in the matter of Julia Davis v. Department of Homeland Security. The government was clearly using and abusing all the tools at their disposal to terrorize witnesses.

In her career, Brittany Murphy portrayed unusual characters and colorful lives. Her own life and death turned out to be much stranger than fiction. There is a lot to be revealed about Brittany’s romances, fears, betrayals and overwhelming forces that have irreparably shattered her promising life. “The Terror Within” and “Britt” strive to fill in the blanks, pulling down the covers from the unfinished canvas of Brittany Murphy’s life; interrupted, but never forgotten.