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Oklahoma beheading: warning signs in Alton Nolen’s social media postings

On September 25, 2014, Alton Nolen , who recently converted to Islam, burst into a Moore, Oklahoma food distribution center and savagely beheaded his 54-year-old co-worker, Colleen Hufford . He proceeded to attack and stab another female 43-year-old, Traci Johnson. Before he could behead his second intended victim, Nolen was non-fatally shot by a CEO/off-duty reserve sheriff's deputy, Mark Vaughan. Nolen had been in prison until March 2013, for possession of a controlled substance, escaping confinement and resisting an officer. It is unknown at this point whether the food processing plant was aware of Nolen’s criminal history at the time he was hired to work there. He was reportedly fired shortly before the gruesome attack. Before losing his job, Nolen had been actively trying to convert co-workers to Islam. Continue reading: