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Deport your Valentine -- Man posing as U.S. Marshal breaches TSA security, deports relative’s wife

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, what do you do if you’re growing tired of your pregnant wife? How about arranging for a fake deportation? This bizarre plan was recently carried out to fruition in California, in plain sight of law enforcement officials. In the process, the perpetrator brazenly penetrated TSA’s security at the San Diego International Airport, in spite of security improvements after the attempted Christmas Day bombing. All it took was a few simple props and oodles of chutzpah. On January 15, 2010, Gregory Raymond Denny, Jr., a 37-year-old California man, barged into the Hemet residence of his cousin Craig Hibbard and his wife Cherriebelle. Posing as a federal officer with a gun and a badge, Denny handcuffed five months pregnant Cherriebelle. He claimed to possess a deportation order issued by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but did not produce any immigration paperwork. Denny marched the woman out of the house in handcuffs and drove her to the