Monday, November 10, 2014

Harvard students secretly photographed by the university

Harvard Students secretly photographed by the University

During the spring 2014 semester, Harvard students were subjected to covert surveillance via hidden cameras placed in classrooms. They were photographed without any notice.

Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, Peter K. Bol, finally admitted that this surveillance took place, in response to a question from Computer Science professor Harry R. Lewis ’68, who learned of the covert photographing from two of his colleagues. The two unidentified colleagues found out that covert surveillance of the students took place when a senior Central Administration official called them in to discuss the results.

The students, who were photographed without their knowledge or consent, have not yet been told of the study. “Just because technology can be used to answer a question doesn’t mean that it should be,” Lewis said. “And if you watch people electronically and don’t tell them ahead of time, you should tell them afterwards.”