Thursday, October 23, 2014

CDC tells people not to drink chlorine or bleach as a cure for Ebola

On October 20, 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in anticipation of the arrival of the newly appointed Ebola Czar, produced new factsheets about Ebola. The first creation notifies the health workers of alleged “rumors that drinking chlorine or disinfectant solutions could cure or prevent Ebola virus disease (Ebola). Chlorine is NOT a cure for Ebola. No one should ever drink chlorine or disinfectant solutions containing chlorine.”

So far, there have been no media reports of people in the U.S intentionally drinking chlorine/bleach as a perceived Ebola cure. Nonetheless, the CDC’s latest guidance warns: “When chlorine, sometimes called bleach, is swallowed it can make people very sick or be fatal. How sick they get depends on the amount of chlorine in the product swallowed and the amount they drink. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of drinking chlorine.”

The second factsheet re-states the obvious: “Drinking chlorine is NOT a cure for Ebola. Drinking chlorine can make you very sick or kill you. Do NOT drink chlorine or other liquids that have chlorine in them.” This announcement is also quite graphic, in case you didn’t already know how a person might look while having a headache, experiencing abdominal pain, vomiting or defecating.