Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brittany Murphy’s father reacts to the announcement of Lifetime biopic

Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, reacted to the announcement that Lifetime will debut the unauthorized biopic entitled "The Brittany Murphy Story" in September, 2014.

“Neither Lifetime nor any other production company has been authorized to produce the true story of Brittany Murphy, as her murder investigation is ongoing, despite media attempts to distract from the facts and failure of the LAPD and LA Coroner’s office to conduct a thorough autopsy or investigation. Two independent laboratories have confirmed the unusually high levels of poisons and toxins in Brittany’s blood.

Prominent pathologist Cyril Wecht said that murder cannot be excluded and the presence of these substances cannot be explained away by the ridiculous “hair dye” theories.

It is reckless and irresponsible for any individual or entity to make comments to help conceal a double homicide. I am the only parent who is not a prime suspect in Brittany’s death and should have been consulted.

The media intentionally lied that I allegedly accused the government of poisoning Brittany, when in fact neither myself, nor anyone associated with me ever made such a claim. Since media outlets and production companies ignored our demands for a retraction, while producing intentionally misleading, defamatory stories, their actions will soon be litigated in a court of law,” said Mr. Bertolotti.

The feature film about Brittany Murphy’s life and untimely death, “Britt” is in pre-production by Fleur De Lis Film Studios.