Monday, November 25, 2013

Brittany Murphy's father responds to Sharon Murphy's open letter

In response to Sharon Murphy’s open letter to The Hollywood Reporter, AJ Bertolotti said, “This was to be expected from a disgruntled ex-wife, who even attempted (unsuccessfully) to question my paternity. Our contentious relationship through the years prompted Brittany and I to meet in secret on many occasions.

I find it interesting that Sharon reached out to the same outlet she attacked after a derogatory article was published by THR following Brittany’s death (Sharon said that Alex Ben Block's statements about Brittany's death in The Hollywood Reporter were "100-percent untrue"). It was written by Alex Ben Block, who also met with the Department of Homeland Security/ICE officials to discuss their extensive surveillance of Brittany and Simon.

Sharon falsely exclaims that I somehow stand to profit from learning the true cause of death of my daughter and son-in-law. That is completely untrue. I haven’t sued anyone for money with respect to Brittany’s death – Sharon did (twice and also considered suing the Los Angeles Coroner). I haven’t asked anyone for donations with respect to Brittany’s foundation – Sharon did and was later forced to return the monies collected under false pretenses.

I haven’t sold and would never dream of parting with any of my baby’s personal belongings – Sharon did (including Brittany’s passport, her SAG card, her used underwear, swimwear, clothes, etc.) I didn’t benefit nor ever sought to benefit from Brittany’s or Simon’s life insurance policies – Sharon did. After collecting on those life insurance policies, Sharon let Simon’s grave sit without as much as a headstone for years, until his mother Linda Monjack paid to have one put in. At this point, with respect to Brittany’s and Simon’s untimely deaths, I would ask people to think: Cui Bono? Therein lies the answer to this mystery.”

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