Thursday, May 23, 2013

Debbie Schlussel commits public hara-kiri by attacking a whistleblower

A pen is a mighty sword. Debbie Schlussel took that sword and committed hara-kiri, when she decided to help her government friends by frivolously attacking my case.  Her shameful failure to conduct even minimal fact-checking fell far below any journalistic standard, which is unacceptable (even for a blog). Let me dissect Schlussel Schlock point by point.

The title of the blog posting in question states: “Julia Davis: Ex-Border Guard Nutjob Says Govt Murdered Actress Brittany Murphy bc of Border Security Issues.” I challenge Ms. Schlussel to prove that I uttered those words at any point in time, in any of my interviews, articles, comments, etc. She can’t, because I never said any of that. Brittany was a friend and a witness. She bravely exposed the Department of Homeland Security’s lies in my case. In response, Brittany was harassed and placed under surveillance (just as I was). When Brittany and her husband Simon Monjack reported being wiretapped and followed by helicopters to the Editor-In-Chief of The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Ben Block, they were ridiculed and falsely accused of being “paranoid”. Here is the page from the magazine with the excerpt of the interview in question and the link to the article on The Hollywood Reporter website.

Brittany’s untimely death (followed by an untimely death of her husband) was never properly investigated. In fact, I am personally involved in ongoing efforts to finally have Brittany’s tissues tested, to determine her true cause of death. Both Brittany and Simon were said to have died from identical causes (pneumonia and anemia), months apart, which is beyond ludicrous.
It’s very telling that San Diego division of ICE (the same fumbling buffoons who thought it would be a good idea to raid my house with a Blackhawk helicopter and a 27-man Special Response Team) decided to deport Simon after Brittany exposed their lies in my case. These government clowns wanted to denaturalize and deport me as well. Since I was factually innocent of all charges in malicious, retaliatory investigations and prosecutions (and was found to be factually innocent by a presiding Judge), they’ve failed miserably. They’ve also failed in their attempts to deport Simon. I sued the DHS and prevailed. Of course, Schlussel would bemoan all of these facts (if she actually bothered to learn them before spilling Schlussel Schlock all over the Internet), since in her feeble opinion, no female immigrant/naturalized U.S. citizen like me should ever be able to serve our nation as a Customs Officer. I beg to differ.

Here are some images from the Blackhawk helicopter raid of my home:


Here is one of the DHS perpetrators describing aerial surveillance of my house with a fixed-wing airplane.

There was also surveillance and a raid with a Blackhawk helicopter, which was captured on video and is now a part of the documentary, “Top Priority: The Terror Within”. You can also see it in the movie trailer

If Schlussel had any journalistic integrity whatsoever, she would at least watch the film before bashing it. At the very minimum, she could have clicked a few buttons and learned some facts about my case. Of course, her relationship with the government perpetrators in my case (including Matthew Issman) does away with Schlussel being able to feign any semblance of objectivity or honesty. Her blog post (complete with amateurish cartoon graphics) is nothing more than a bash-fest. Schlussel is seething, because I exposed her little jackbooted friends from ICE by blowing the whistle on abuses of the Patriot Act by the DHS, our shamefully porous borders and lackadaisical approach to admitting aliens from terrorist countries into the U.S. All of that coming from a female immigrant, who dares to be a naturalized American patriot really got Schlussel’s broom in a twist.

Next, Schlussel Schlock piece states that I was fired. For your information, Miss Debbie, I was never fired from any job in my whole life. Specifically, I wasn’t fired by the Department of Homeland Security. My resignation was declared by a Judge to have been “involuntary” and caused by the government’s “illegal conduct” and impermissible activities. As far as helicopters, planes, vehicular surveillance, OnStar, even though it is quite unbelievable, it actually happened and the government is not denying that it did. They even assert that it was a good way to spend taxpayers resources.

This is what happens to national security whistleblowers like me, for exposing glaring holes in our homeland security.

Just because the sheer magnitude of this case is far beyond Schlussel’s realm of understanding, she is not only attempting to discount it, but is also encouraging others to help silence my story and the documentary. Shame on you, Schlussel. You are just another quasi-media scarecrow that is trying to divert attention from whistleblower cases (unless, of course, you are somehow involved – in which case you will scream it from the rooftops). You are no better than the DHS cowards, who falsely declared me a “Domestic Terrorist” and raided my home with a Blackhawk helicopter, brandishing assault weapons – using more manpower and spending more time to raid my residence than was devoted to the raid of Bin Laden’s compound. Of course, you know what they did, because those are your little friends and your corrupt “sources”, which says a lot about you.
Since your friendships with government perpetrators have rendered your blog post false, libelous and devoid of any factual information, here is some information for you, Debbie. On January 28, 2010, Federal Judge, Virginia Phillips, issued a court ruling in my case, stating in relevant part: "On August 10, 2005, ten DHS Internal Affairs Agents, a United States Marshal, seventeen SRT members, eight unmarked cars and a Blackhawk helicopter arrived at the Davises' residence...Plaintiffs [BJ and Julia Davis] have produced significant evidence about the August 2005 raid and search of their residence... This evidence is sufficient to create a factual question as to whether federal agents committed an abuse of process when they conducted that search... In light of the substantial evidence presented by Plaintiffs as to the magnitude of the search, and the Government's failure to identify undisputed facts in support of a contrary finding, the Court holds that a reasonable fact finder could find the extreme nature of the search and raid of the Davises' Yucca Valley home was "not proper in the regular conduct of the proceedings." Throughout their opposition, Plaintiffs have identified evidence that suggests the degree of force used in the search was severe... According to Julia Davis's parents, in the course of the search, Agent Deal told them that Mrs. Davis was a "Domestic Terrorist." At some point on the day of the raid, someone scrawled the word "Boo!" and crossed out the date on Julia Davis's calendar, located in her home... As discussed above, several witnesses have testified that documents and other items were seized from the home, though no receipt was given… There is also sufficient evidence for a reasonable fact finder to conclude the OPR Agents had an ulterior, improper motive: retaliation… In addition to the unusual degree of force used in executing the arrests, the arrest warrants were executed two months after the EEOC ALJ issued his initial decision in Julia Davis's case, which was in her favor and highly critical of CBP, ICE, and their internal investigators. Agents Deal, Kaufer, and Wong had all been involved in Julia Davis's EEOC and MSPB proceedings… The sum total of these facts is sufficient to allow a fact finder to infer a retaliatory or malicious motive in the execution of the search... Plaintiffs have therefore produced sufficient evidence to allow a reasonable fact finder to conclude the August 2005 search was an abuse of process." (Emphasis added).

Next, Schlussel Schlock proceeds to question my marriage of nearly twenty years, as well as my career in the entertainment industry. Of course, she didn’t bother to check my credits on the Internet Movie Database. For your information, little Debbie, I am a proud member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Screen Actors Guild, Women In Film, and other entertainment industry organizations. No matter how  much that astonishes you, I did double Academy Award winners Angelina Jolie and Helen Hunt. Neither my continuing career in film, nor the details of my happy marriage have any bearing on my whistleblowing disclosure of a national security breach to the FBI/JTTF.
I don’t know whether there is a person on this Earth who is capable of tolerating your shrill hysteria on a daily basis, so I won’t ask you about your personal relationships. In response to your ridiculous question as to why anyone from the film industry would want to work for the Department of Homeland Security, the answer is simple. I wanted to do it, because I am a patriot. I speak numerous languages. I wanted to serve my country. I loved my job, received outstanding performance evaluations and certificates of outstanding achievement. There are plenty of people like me in our federal law enforcement, who are there because they want to protect and to serve this great nation. Many of them are naturalized citizens. Can you grasp any of that, Schlussel?

Schlussel Schlock goes on to claim that my husband and I are “frequent guests on 9/11 Truther and anti-Semite Alex Jones’ radio shows.” Care to show any proof of that, Shlussel? My husband was never a guest on Alex Jones’ radio show. Not once. I did one interview for the Alex Jones show and was interviewed by Holland Vandennieuwenhof. That makes both of us “frequent guests” and anti-semites? As usual, you’re simply foaming at the mouth and choking on your own lies, little Debbie.
Schlussel Schlock proceeds to exclaim that there possibly couldn’t be any truth to my factual statement that our film company was pillaged by a group of mobsters (even though they were convicted and imprisoned based on our formal reports to the FBI and the SEC), followed by her listing of our restraining orders against the said mobsters. Little Debbie is openly contradicting herself. According to her, my husband and I are “fruitcakes”. Consider the source.

Next, Schlussel Schlock goes back to claiming that I allegedly stated that “government killed Brittany Murphy and her husband because they testified for me”. When and where did I say that, Shlussel? If you can’t give me a verbatim quote where I said that the government killed Brittany Murphy, you are nothing more than a liar. I can already say that you’re lying, since I never made any such statement. Your attempts to silence me through libelous misrepresentations only expose your shameless willingness to lie, in order to protect your little government confederates from accountability and exposure. As far as “fruitcakes” and “nutjobs” are concerned, you take the cake and eat it too, little Debbie.