Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Put Some Spring In Your Makeup Bag

Julia Davis, Los Angeles Beauty Examiner, author of
Put some spring in your makeup bag
There is a lot we can do to spruce up our tired winter looks for springtime, but don’t forget that your makeup bag also needs a thorough spring cleaning.

First, empty out the contents of your beauty tote onto a clean paper towel. Thoroughly examine your bag and decide whether it’s time to replace it or not. If so, you might want to consider visiting your local department store whenever your favorite makeup brand is having a “gift with purchase” promotion. This way, you could buy the items you were already inclined to repurchase, while also receiving a brand new makeup bag full of fun goodies. Sample-size products are not only a great way to try new things, but are also just the right size for women on the go.

If your bag is in good shape, clean it up with a disinfectant wipe – inside and out. If you don’t have a wipe handy, just spray some Lysol onto a paper towel and it will work the same way.

Now that your bag is clean, let it fully dry before you fill it back up.

Take a good look at your makeup. To keep or not to keep, that is the question… Here’s some advice to help you decide.
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