Friday, March 8, 2013


Grow long hair on any budget (
Grow long hair on any budget (
Once upon a time, the writer of this article had a hard time trying to grow out her hair. It was healthy, religiously conditioned and shiny. Still, those stubborn locks refused to grow past my shoulder blades. Having tried everything, at some point I’d had enough. I arrived for my appointment with Phil (the most brilliant hair stylist I’ve ever known), sat down in his chair and bravely said, “Let’s cut it all off.” Everyone in the posh salon seemed to gasp and look our way, but he didn’t even blink. Phil knew that once my mind is made up, there would be no turning back. For many years we’ve bravely experimented with many different cuts, colors and styles. “Halle Berry?” he asked. I smiled and nodded.

My new pixie haircut was uber fun. It allowed me to wash, dry and style my hair in a matter of minutes. For many months thereafter, I’ve kept up my short and spunky hairstyle. As more time went by, I started to miss longer hair. However, I didn’t miss the quest of trying to get it to grow faster and longer. During my routine doctor’s visit, I casually complained about my hair refusing to grow past a certain point. His response changed my hair forever. I will now pass this advice onto my readers, combined with my own tips, developed through years of trial and error.

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